Why is this update so important?

This important update was announced by Google in late October and is the largest algorithm update in the past five years. The update will certainly affect 10% of searches. Especially complicated searches that involve a lot of content will be affected by this update. So for marketers who do a lot of content writing, it is important to keep an eye on the Bert update. Google wants this update to make using the search engine easier and easier for consumers. Although the update is currently only activated in America and England, it will soon come to the Netherlands as well. It is not yet known exactly when, but by announcing this update early, companies can anticipate on it. At The Dare Company, we certainly will!

Google update bert

How can you respond to this update?

With this update, Google is indicating that they will be able to better understand the context of texts and therefore show better and more useful results. The update didn't come out of nowhere: since more and more people are using voice search, longer and longer search terms are used. With the new update, Google can find the actual subject of a text more easily. It is therefore important to consider the answer to the query while writing texts! The content must be relevant and add value. Good and natural texts will rank higher than automated and copied texts. Therefore, make sure you write texts for people and not for search engines, so keep in mind to answer a question with unique content. Also, a clear structure gives Google's spiders more opportunity to map out what the site is about. In addition, current SEO points such as website speed and link structure remain very important.

We are happy to help you!

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