Use your website to keep up with the current events during the holidays!

For many companies, the holidays are important days that involve a lot of stress and work. Think of the many gifts that have to be brought into your home at the last minute, or the hairdresser's visit that really can't be postponed. Not to mention the many restaurants where reservations are already coming in before the schedule for these days is even known.

All these extra reservations, orders and appointments will in many cases be obtained via a high-quality website. That is why it is important for entrepreneurs to pay a little extra attention to keeping your website up to date around the holidays. This will give you just that little head start on the competition, and will give the visitor a good first impression of your website.

Seasonal marketing

The Netherlands has many special holiday and theme days. As a company, you have to follow the current events and respond to it in the right way. During Christmas, Easter, Father's Day and Mother's Day, you see a lot of special offers. But, how can you respond to this? We have listed a few tips for you!


First of all, it is important to find out which days are relevant for your company. For a toy store, it will be more natural to express special offers or promotions around Saint-Nicolas. While for a clothing store, Black Friday is the day to get extra attention. It is also important to analyse your target group, so that you can set up and target your actions correctly.

Impression of the website

When we think of seasonal marketing, we quickly think of the four seasons: winter, autumn, spring and summer. So go on and give your website an extra warm look during the winter, in summer choose a fresh and sunny website. Images are very important here. After all, decorative images often give a good first impression of a company or shop. A headervideo is a good example of how you can achieve this. By means of a headervideo you can share different images with your potential customers. This way, they immediately get a good picture of your organisation. Video is a very popular trend these days, so with this single adjustment you can respond to various trends!

Search behaviour

According to Google, the Dutch people are real Christmas lovers. In recent years, the number of searches for Christmas "ideas" has grown by no less than 47%. There are many opportunities in this area that you as a company can take advantage of. You can do this by incorporating specially related searches such as "Christmas inspiration" or "eating out during Christmas" in various blogs or landing pages. The paid advertising channels are also very suitable for this. Think of social, display, video or SEA campaigns.


Are you ready to restyle your website for the coming holidays? At least we are, we would put the Christmas tree on immediately. Are you wondering how we apply the mentioned techniques for our customers? Take a look at the website of More-Itz, where we have reflected the winter atmosphere in the headervideo of More-Itz. Are you too busy during the holidays to keep track of all of this? We understand that all too well and are happy to help you out! Are you wondering what we can do for you? Contact us or schedule an appointment to discuss all the possibilities.

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