10 key elements for a good home page

A good home page is essential for an effective website. It is the place where you receive the potential customer, where you can make the first impression and where you have to convince the visitor. In this blog we will show you 10 elements that are crucial for a good home page, to prevent visitors from dropping out.

1. Header

Within a few seconds it should be clear to visitors what the website has to offer. Therefore, keep the headline clear and simple.


2. Sub-header

The sub-header should give a short description of what product or service you offer. It can also be effective to focus on a problem that your product or service solves.


3. Call-to-actions

Every home page has a purpose. Therefore, it is essential to place multiple CTA texts on the home page that lead to the goal on the website. It is important to make the CTA texts eye-catching by, for example, giving them an eye-catching colour or by placing it prominently on the website.


4. Images

People are visually oriented. Therefore, make sure you use images that correspond to your product or service and that fall within your corporate identity. Images with emotion and action can be extra effective. We strongly advise against the use of stock photos.


5. Benefits

Website visitors want to know what benefits your product or service has as soon as possible. Describe not only 'what' but also 'why'!


6. Social proof

To gain trust and to trigger the website visitor, social proof can be effective. For example, post reviews or short quotes from customers.


7. Navigation

Good website navigation can make the difference between a high bounce rate or conversions. Provide a clear navigation menu and structure on the website.


8. Sub-CTA

Place secondary CTAs on the website for visitors who are not immediately interested in your primary product on the website. In this way you will increase conversion opportunities.


9. Information page

Not everyone on the website is ready to buy your product/service. For the people who are looking for information it is therefore effective to create an information page. This keeps visitors on the page and increases the credibility and reliability of your product/service.


10. Awards and recognition

In addition to reviews and customer quotes, prizes and recognition can also work effectively to gain the visitor's trust. Let the website visitor know what you have accomplished!


With these 10 elements, you'll leave a stunning impression on the website visitor. Do you have any questions or comments? Or maybe you need help optimising your homepage?

Feel free to contact us. Our specialists will be happy to help you!