The secret of a good Instagram bio

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms today. In order to benefit from all the advantages, it is important for a company to be active on Instagram. It is often thought that especially the feed is important for the first impression of your business profile, but besides the feed, the importance of a powerful bio is often forgotten. For this reason it is important to pay enough attention to creating your Instagram bio. But how do you write a good bio and what should you pay attention to? To get the most out of your Instagram profile, we have listed 5 tips.

What is your goal?

Since you're only allowed to use 150 characters to write your entire bio with, it is important to only use relevant texts that contribute to your goal. Your Instagram bio should be seen as a short elevator pitch, so focus only on the relevant things!

For example, your goal could be to promote new products or to inform people about your company. Also, some companies use this section to express their brand mission or vision.

Use your brand identity

Make the most of your Instagram bio by showing your brand identity. Consider the language, font, icons and tone, but relevant emojis can also be effective. You can also use these to make the company profile unique.

Hashtags and profile links.

In your Instagram bio, you can also add a clickable hashtag or profile link. This option can be very effective for businesses that manage multiple accounts.


One of the important steps is to add a call-to-action to the bio. Do you want to direct visitors to your Linktree? A home page or a product page? Instagram allows you to add one link in your bio, so make good use of it!

Besides adding a call-to-action in the website link, it can also be effective to add it in main text. For example, should your goal be to generate more followers, placing the CTA "follow us now to stay up to date!" in your bio can work very well.

Font usage

Nowadays, it is also possible to put a bio in a different font on Instagram. There are several websites where you can convert a bio text into a different font and place it in your Instagram bio. This gives a playful effect and also makes you stand out more. For example, one of these font generator websites is Lingojam

Contact details

It is also important to include the contact details of your business in your Instagram bio. Instagram offers the possibility to easily fill in this information. If you do, the details will be shown at the bottom of the bio.

Your Instagram bio can make all the difference in increasing your online visibility. It is an ideal place to showcase who you are as a brand. It can also help you showcase your uniqueness and entertain your audience. With these tips, you should definitely be able to get the most out of your company profile bio! Do you want to grow even more on social media? Or do you have other social media related issues? The social media specialists at The Dare Company would love to help you out! Feel free to contact us!