Hygoncare is an international webshop selling incontinence materials, that we have developed from scratch. Not only the entire design, but also all content and other possibilities this webshop has. Using Magento 2.1, we can make thight XML links to suppliers. Next to that, the webshop works together with a fulfillmentparner with robots, that converts orders into sendings in no time. On the website you can find 360 degree photo’s of all products, embedded video’s and a complete database full of written information on incontinence. Yes, you may refer to us as incontinence-masters by now.



During the development of this webshop, we operated very considerately. Primarely we considered the fact that, in spite of its frequency of occurance, incontinence is a very sensitive topic that is often seen as a big taboo. We want to be a part of breaking down this taboo and we believe that informing people is a big step for that. All content is therefore written in an informative, serious but clear way. Another thing we kept in mind, is that people should be able to find the right information easily. That is not only the goal when someone is already on the website, but also before that. Our content marketeers made sure that all information meets the requirements of SEO. This means Hygoncare eventually appears on top of your results in the search engines. When that happens, people are able to easily and quickly find the wanted information and we reach that goal. Next to SEO, we also use SEA, resulting in seeing the products in Google Shopping. Again, with this the products appear quickly and this serves the ease of use of the webshop.

Website design

Hygoncare attaches a lot of value to being present on the international market. Keeping this, and their other criteria in mind, we came up with the name Hygoncare. Next up, we developed a logo for that name. After this logo was approved, a complete housestyle was designed around it. Using these designs, a housestyle-handbook was written for this incontinence-webshop. The content of this handbook is woven into all aspects of the website, including colours, texts and all images.