Printing matters for
the 010Notaris

010Notatis is the new notary of Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Anytime, for any case, with tight rates and amazing service. The notary office is active in the field of real estate, corporate law and personal and family law. The notary's office is characterized by the ease of approach for their clients. We thought it was important to have this reflected in the corporate identity of the company.

Corporate Identity

This daring concept requires a catchy and attractive corporate identity. In addition to the development of the corporate identity, Dare to Design is also responsible for the various promotional communication means of 010Notaris.

Diverse Posters

The office is equipped with posters and banners that visualise the different services of 010Notaris. During the campaign period, various billboards were displayed in the center of Rotterdam, which were also designed by us. This campaign ensured that everyone in Rotterdam became familiar with 010Notaris!