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Hospitality & Event Marketing

Customers' expectations are very high in the hospitality and event industry. The experience is becoming increasingly important to them and the experience economy is running at full speed. Good and recognisable branding is therefore key. In addition, the marketing budget is increasingly being used for online presence because target groups can be found here. We have experience with hospitality and event marketing and knowledge of the hospitality and event industry. This way we know what is going on in the market and we can make sure your business is staying up to date.

Our added value for customers in the Hospitality & Event industry

We work from the vision that we create a branding experience that positively distinguishes our customers from the competitors by using our creative minds. We understand the why factor in the buying behavior of your customers.

The range of products and services that The Dare Company offers relieves our customers and gives them the opportunity to be a one-stop shopping counter for hospitality and event marketing and communication. For example, the construction and maintenance of a website that works well on both mobile phone and desktop. In addition, we ensure that it is found well through online marketing services such as SEO and SEA. This gives our customers convenience and the ability to fully focus on the core business of their hospitality or event company.

Our experience

Because of our experience with hospitality and the leisure industry in general, we understand the different approaches regarding B2C and B2B prospects. As a result, we can properly advise our customers about the difference in branding, marketing communication and pricing for various target groups.

We understand that it is necessary to respond to topical themes and the seasons. Think of Christmas, Valentine's Day, King's Day or the summer holidays. We integrate these special days in content calendars. Our customers can respond to different seasons and events with theme pages, promotional material and social media messages. Think of changing menus, type of company outings or header photos in summer or winter versions.

Our experience with hospitality and event marketing

The Dare Company is a full-service marketing and communication package. This allows us to optimize the branding experience for your customers from start to finish. In addition, we can bring your catering location or events to the attention of your target group. We work with clients such as Rotterdam Business Events, The Boathouse Kralingen, More-itz and Ketelbinkie Coffee.

A small preview of our client base:

the boathouse
de tuin
more itz
timeless events

What can The Dare Company offer your organization?

Together with your organization, we think along with you about using marketing and communication. This is how we build up a strategy that we work out further. We are specialized in branding, web development, content marketing and search engine marketing (SEO / SEA).