Unfortunately, we can't avoid it. Everyone is talking about nothing else lately: the coronavirus is playing a big role in our daily lives. It seems as if the plug has literally been pulled out of the economy. Our children can't go to school anymore and when going shopping we have to take into account that we have to keep at least one and a half meter distance. Also, you have to be lucky to get a roll of toilet paper. Not only for us as individuals the coronavirus has major consequences. It is also a difficult period for many companies. For us, as an online marketing agency, we are lucky to be able to work from home, which means that our work can continue, but there are also industries where this is not so easy, which unfortunately puts them in a difficult situation. Think of the hospitality and events industry or schools and childcare. The smaller companies are therefore wondering whether they will be able to continue to exist in a few months' time. Our tip for these organisations is: stay creative! Especially in these times it is important to be active online, many people are sitting at home and internet use is increasing enormously. We like to think along with you! Feel free to contact us for more information or advice about your online strategy.

The events industry

Although we all looked forward to it and couldn't wait for the festival season to start again, the coronavirus throws a spanner in our works. Of course we all take the measures of the RIVM very serious and we understand of course that in the end this is best for all of us. But the events industry is a sector that is hit hard these days. It will therefore take a long time before the first events will get going again. Although many event organisers have already done the following, we would like to mention this tip; move your organised event to later this year. It is expected that the virus will be gone after a few months so that the events can still take place. This solution has the advantage that the income will not be lost, but postponed. There is also the possibility to go digital. Some organisations have already chosen to broadcast what is known as 'party TV'. We like to party digitally with you!

Evenementenbranche en corona

The hospitality industry

The hotel and catering industry have also been severely affected by the coronavirus. When it was announced on Sunday 15th March that all catering establishments had to close their doors, we became more aware that the consequences will be felt in large numbers. Although the government has taken various accommodating measures, many catering businesses are still living in uncertainty. We also want to motivate these entrepreneurs to continue to think positively and creatively. We see a trend developing in ordering or collecting food. This is a good alternative to still receive income. We like to think along with these entrepreneurs. We have already designed several 'delivery' logos for our current customers. How can we help you?

The education sector

In addition to the hospitality and events sector, the education sector has also been affected by the measures relating to the coronavirus. The childcare and schools will remain closed until 11 may. Although the financial risks for educational institutions will be less, it remains important that children still receive lessons and that parents and children are well informed about the consequences of the virus. Teaching online is an outcome of this, but online communication tools such as newsletters, social media and information posters are also very important. We are pleased that we already have been able to contribute to these expressions for Vlietkinderen. For example, our designers have created a corona poster in which we explain to the children what the virus is and how we can combat it.

We are happy to help you!

We are very sorry that it had to come this far and would therefore like to show our sympathy to the people who are fighting against this virus. We like to do our part in this difficult time. Especially in these times it is important to be active online and to think along with your target group in a creative way. That is why we would like to help you as an entrepreneur through this crisis. Would you like to connect with us or would you like advice on how best to deal with the situation? Feel free to contact us!