How to use TikTok for your business?

Are you already active on TikTok? Chances are, you are, because everyone is sitting at home nowadays, boredom strikes, and what are we doing about it? Exactly! Create a TikTok account. As a creative online marketing agency we can't stay behind and a few days ago we threw ourselves into the crazy dances, challenges, playback movies and lifehacks. But, what struck us is that surprisingly few companies are alreadyactive on TikTok. Especially for companies with a younger target group it can be a very interesting platform to generate brand awareness. But, this is easier said than done, because how exactly does it work? And what is the best way to use it to your advantage? We'll help you out and advise you on how to use TikTok for your business in the best way possible

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The TikTok Target Group

Although TikTok has been in the top 3 most popular apps in the Dutch Google Play Store for weeks, it remains an unknown area for many people and companies. It feels a bit like stepping outside of your comfort zone, but new practices and innovation in the field of Social Media is also good for your company and brand. Many companies think that TikTok is only used by dancing teenagers between the ages of 10 and 19, but this is no longer the case. In the Netherlands there are more than 1 million TikTok users active, most of them are still teenagers but there’s also a large number of young adults who are trying out the app. It is expected that this number of users will increase even more in the near future. So, what are you waiting for? Let's see those dance moves!

TikTok Target Group

How will you become popular on TikTok?

The great thing about TikTok is that it's not important to have a lot of followers or likes, the algorithm depends on the needs of the users to whom the video is shown. So it is important to post funny or interesting videos so that the target group will think it’s interesting. Videos that are very popular on TikTok are challenges, duets and dances. Ideas for videos for you as a company can be found further on in the blog. Being visible to as many people as possible is what many companies want. There are several ways to increase this visibility at TikTok.

  • Use Hashtags

Before posting a video, it is important to check which hashtags are currently popular. Under the tab 'discover' all popular hashtags are listed below each other. Our tip: take advantage of this, because these hashtags are regularly searched for. Think for example of the #levelup, #homeopvakantie, #divein and #situponitchallenge. All these hashtags have been used and viewed millions of times, so take advantage of this.

  • Create a pro account

You can easily convert your personal TikTok account to a pro account. This gives you free insights into the extensive statistics, such as the number of followers, profile views, video views and your most popular videos.

  • Promote your account through your other social channels

It is possible to link your Instagram and Youtube account to your TikTok account. But it is also smart to announce on your current Facebook or Instagram account that you are active on TikTok. This way your current followers can see that they can also follow you on TikTok.

  • Collaborate with influencers

If you don't have that much reach yourself or are not active at all on TikTok it is possible to work with influencers. They have a lot of followers and can promote your brand or product by making funny movies.

  • Advertise

Although it is currently not possible to advertise in the Netherlands, this will not take very long. Advertisements from other European countries such as the UK and Germany are already being shown to Dutch users. When this function will also be available in the Netherlands is currently still unkown, we will have to wait and see.

Ideas for TikTok Videos

The most important thing at TikTok remains; be creative! So grab a pen and some paper and write down as many crazy ideas as possible. Brainstorm online with colleagues and who knows, you might come up with a challenge that will be a huge hit. We have already done some preliminary work for you and are happy to share it with you!

  • Expectations vs reality

On TikTok we see a lot of videos about expectations and what it's really like after that. Think of the 'expectations' of summer 2020 and the 'reality'. Or how my parents think I'm going out and how I'm actually going out. This is also very easy for companies to convert into a work-related video. For example, think about how my boss thinks I work from home and how I actually work from home. Or how you think online meetings will go against reality.

  • Animal movies

Animal movies are very popular at TikTok, think for example of the dancing dogs and cats. Although you would think that this would be more relevant content for a personal account, your office dog can also score a hit. Or you maybe have a cat working at home?

  • TikTok dances

The most shown movies on TikTok are the well known dances. Gather your team together and show off your dance skills. Now you will think what added value this has for my company. But besides showing how much fun you and your team have, it also contributes to a better teamspirit. Let those hips swing.

  • Lifehacks / workhacks

Also lifehacks are a huge hit on TikTok, several tips on how you can make everyday life a little easier will be discussed. In addition, the #lifehacks have been watched more than 5 trillion times, which indicates that your video will definitely score. You can also think of development hacks, homework tips or social media tips. Have you come up with the ultimate lifehack yet?

  • Challenges

Who doesn't know them? The squat-challenge, standup-challenge, handstand-challenge and the balance-challenge, on TikTok you can find hundreds of challenges that are extremely popular right now. Create your own challenge with your company and who knows, maybe it will become a trend.

Need some more inspiration?

Areyou also very enthusiastic after reading this blog? But, do you need that extra inspiration or push? We are happy to help you! As a creative online marketing agency we like to help you think up and create online content. From writing texts to creating video content, nothing is crazy enough for us. For more information you can always contact us!


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