Leadinfo is the lead generation software that recognises companies that come to your website and displays them via a clear dashboard. This way you can contact the most valuable visitors to your website directly.

Do you want to know who visits your website?

The Dare Company is one of Leadinfo's 800+ partners and therefore has insight into which companies visit our website. Opportunities are up for grabs all over the world! The lead generation software provides more and better leads for entrepreneurs who want to grow more. Leadinfo was founded with the mindset of a growth hacker. They are always optimising and improving the software so that you can save time and money, and close more deals. Leadinfo knows how to use data to get the best out of B2B website visitors.

Stop following. Start leading.

Marketing, sales or e-commerce managers use Leadinfo for economic growth. Lead generation software has become an important part of the sales funnel and when setting up the funnel, software can make the difference between winning and losing. Who gives the most leads, with whom can I do business and with whom can I switch quickly?

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What you can do with Leadinfo

View your website visitors the same way you view your email. Our mailbox layout gives you an extensive company profile of each visitor. No complicated statistics. This means you have access to a constant stream of opportunities that you can seize as they present themselves. One click, no third-party tools, integration with over 25 platforms. In the blink of an eye, you'll have valuable information and you'll know your potential customers using your favorite sales and marketing platforms. Not only do we give you an overview of every website visitor, with Leadinfo you can also see the detailed browsing activity of each lead. This means that you can recognise users with purchase intent from a mile away. By looking at the total time spent on your website, you can quickly see who your best leads are. That means you know where to focus your attention later.

Do you also want more insight and information about which potential companies are interested in your services? Please contact us.