Nutricious snacks
by Foodcheck

Edwin Le Poole combines giving personal training with running Foodcheck. His mission is to help people exercise and lose weight, but especially to help people live healthier. Nutrition is of course a very important part of that. In 2010 he introduced the Foodcheck Break, a snack for in between meals. Made completely out of natural ingredients. He has since developed several snacks. After tasting, of course, we accepted the challenge of making these snacks look at least equally good as they taste. Foodcheck needed a new look for the entire brand. We have therefore started working on the development of a completely new corporate identity. We have applied this corporate identity to the newly built website and the packaging of the snacks.

Graphic design

Of course, the delicious cookies for in between meals had to look appealing enough to buy them from the stores. The sales of the product start from the “Ahh-moment” at the selling location. People are hungry, see the cookie and need to recognise Foodcheck right away. We got the opportunity to create this important wow-factor for the brand. All expressions had to be in line with the corporate identity. The packaging, the website and all other expressions of the Foodcheck brand. We based the graphic design on the core values of the brand.

Website development

Next to the graphic design, we had the task to develop a website (link) for Foodcheck. The interactive website is live now! Scrolling through the website is very easy and the light and playful appearance creates a sense of positivity.

Print Design

Recently, Foodcheck presented their newest products during a convention in Utrecht. Brainstorming about the look, printed clothing and all other printed media; Foodcheck and The Dare Company came up with creative solutions for a high-profile exhibition stand. The business cards were ready to be handed out to the public and the recognisable shirts and banners got a lot of attention.

Digital Product document

In order to provide optimal service to their suppliers, Foodcheck wanted a digital product document. Therefore, we designed this document completely in line with the look and feel of the corporate identity. All important information such as ingredients, quantities and prices are mentioned in this document.