What is Hotjar and what can you do with it?

As an online marketeer, you naturally want to achieve the highest possible conversion ratio for your web shop. There are various possibilities for this. For instance, you can use heatmaps, mousetracking and other aspects within the field of CRO. A valuable tool that can help you with this is Hotjar. Hotjar allows you to create heatmaps of important pages and to follow the mouse movements of your visitors. Below, we will go through these applications of Hotjar with you.

Create a Hotjar heatmap

As discussed above, Hotjar allows you to create heatmaps of important pages. But why would you want to use heatmaps within CRO?


A heatmap gives you an overview of where visitors click on a webpage. This information can be very interesting, because you can extract interesting findings from this click behaviour. For example, it is possible that many visitors click on the wrong button, which does not send them further down the funnel, but actually takes them back. You can then use these insights in determining an A/B test.

A heat map also provides information about how deep the visitor scrolls on the page. If it turns out that visitors do not scroll far enough to find important information, it might be a good idea to place this information a bit higher on the page. This may ensure that visitors do see this information.

Mousetracking with Hotjar

Besides being used for creating heatmaps, Hotjar is also an excellent tool for mousetracking. Mousetracking is, as the name suggests, a technique in which you follow the user's mouse. So you literally get to see what people do on your site. This information can be very interesting, because it can reveal possible bottlenecks on your site.

When do you use Hotjar on your website or webshop?

We advise everyone who has an online shop to make use of Hotjar. The insights gained from this tool are very valuable and can contribute to a higher conversion ratio. Hotjar can also be interesting when you do not have a webshop, but a website. You want to know whether visitors read the information on your site and possibly make a contact request.

Wondering how we can help you?

We at The Dare Company are happy to help you set up Hotjar in the right way. On your website, Hotjar will start collecting data from your visitors. We can also help you convert this data into advice on how to improve your website or webshop.