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Healthcare & Childcare Marketing

The bar is often high in the healthcare sector. The marketing manager of the healthcare organization has many challenges on his or her plate. We take on the tasks that can be outsourced by the organization. This whay, the marketing manager of the health- of childcare insitution can focus on activities that are close to the core business and require personal guidance from within the organization. An approach that works great!

We can give assistance with our specific expertise wherever needed and the marketing department of the healthcare organization uses its specific sector knowledge to guide projects. Our knowledge of all terminologies of the industry, gained through our many years of experience with childcare and healthcare marketing, comes in handy.

Why do healthcare and childcare clients choose The Dare Company?

The Dare Company understands that reliability, certainty and safety are highly valued in this branche. That is why we adjust all expressions accordingly. Furthermore, the branding of an organization in the healthcare/childcare sector is carefully monitored by our online marketeers.

We at The Dare Company live for creating creative concepts and a powerful branding that positively distinguishes our customers from their competitors. For example, we have established the corporate identity for various clients in these sectors and we ensure that the marketing and communication resources are in line with the corporate identity.

We offer various products and services to help our clients save time for what they are best at: caring for others. Some of our products and services include building a website and making it easy to find for (potential) clients with the use of SEA and SEO techniques.  

We know the systems and processes that are common in the childcare and healthcare sector. This makes it easy for us to quickly make connections with the IT systems of other parties who are also active in this sector. Such as the integration of hour systems for parents or patient records in healthcare.

Our experience with Healthcare and Childcare Marketing

With large organizations such as Tinteltuin, Vlietkinderen and Dokter Bosman as customers, we have gained a lot of experience with child- and healthcare marketing. We are constantly up-to-date with the latest industry developments. The Dare Company listens carefully to your wishes and needs, so that we can ensure that your branding is completely in line with your organization values. In addition, we understand what you mean and we gladly take the time for your organization.

A small preview of our client base:

kinderopvang thuis
dokter bosman

Our added value

Wij denken mee bij het opstellen van de marketing- en communicatiestrategie. We stellen zorgmarketing plannen op en richten de marketingacties in. Onze expertises bestaan onder meer uit branding, webdevelopment, social media marketing en zoekmachinemarketing (SEO / SEA), emailmarketing en die passen we toe op de zorgsector.