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Timeless Events

& Funky pianos

We are happy to provide the SEO and SEA for the greatest event agency of The Hague and Rotterdam: Timeless Events. After many years of experience, nothing is too crazy for them! From large corporate events and wedding parties to Christmas shows or birthday bashes - everything is possible. The same creatives started the company called  Funky Pianos. Funky Pianos caters complete live pianoshows. The experienced musicians create a great interaction with the audience which causes a great atmosphere. The audience can request songs and the musicians will play them on the spot for them!



The Dare Company provides search engine marketing for both companies. The term says it all; by discovering, using and monitoring certain keyword combinations, we ensure that the websites always appear a little higher when you Google them. Since so many websites exist today, it is very important to appear immediately so that customers do not have to look further for your website. Both websites are therefore optimised to appear as high as possible in the search engines.



For Timeless Events, The Dare Company also takes care of anohter part of search engine marketing: Search Enging Advertising (SEA). The event-business is very competitive and therefore SEA is very useful. 



In addition to all the SEO and SEA that we provide for Funky Pianos and Timeless Events, we have also designed and built the website for them. They have a Dare to Start subscription with us for their website. This is a fast and inexpensive way to create a responsive website that is functional, yet personal.