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OPTT training & therapy

OPTT is a physiotherapy clientele that offers special treatment methods to prevent chronic pain. The clientele of OPTT is located in Rotterdam and offers its clients an online pain test in advance, so that customers can easily find out what OPTT can offer. We were given the task of processing this customer-friendly and innovative look and feel into a completely new identity, logo and website. We are very happy with the final result!

Logo design

While developing the logo, we have used a sleek and modern design in which the services of OPTT are highlighted. The logo based the colors that appear in the corporate identity. These main colors that have been used throughout the website are red, orange and black. They are warm colors that radiate enthusiasm and happiness.


A customer-friendly and clear website is very important for a physical therapist. It not only serves as a point of contact but also often leaves a defining first impression on the visitor. When designing the website, we had to make the website come across as personal and friendly. We achieved this through the use of personal images. In addition, focus has been placed on the pain test, which is a very important part of the website.