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More and more companies are using the social media platform Pinterest. Pinterest now has about 4 million users. Not surprisingly, companies are increasingly using this online platform to reach their target audience and promote their service or product. Pinterest is described as a visual search engine; an ideal platform for companies to express their style and offer their products/services to others. Nowadays it is also possible for a company to advertise on Pinterest.

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Advertising on Pinterest for businesses

Do you want to advertise on Pinterest as a business? We totally get it! Advertising on Pinterest offers many possibilities. There are different forms of advertising such as a video ad, carousel pins and collections.

Video ad: Tell a strong and visual story about your product or brand. With a video ad, your company stands out among the visual content on Pinterest. 

Carousel Pins: These are multiple images of your product or service, usually displayed in a photo-slider. This allows visitors to see multiple images in one ad. 

Collections: With collections you create an atmospheric picture of your products or service. In these collections, potential visitors can also directly see the products that are included in the collection.

Do you want to start advertising on Pinterest?

As you can see, there are many different advertising options suitable for your target group. Do you want to start advertising on Pinterest but you don't have the tools to make nice images or videos? Our designers and video editors can help you with this! Want to know more?

Why advertise on Pinterest?

Why advertise on Pinterest? Advertising on Pinterest offers many advantages for your company. For instance, companies can approach potential customers much earlier than on other social media channels. In the first part of the Customer Journey, or orientation phase, you can already influence your customers in the buying process by showing them your product or service. Based on interests, demographics and keywords you can show your ad to the right target audience at the right time.

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Advantages of advertising on Pinterest are: 

  • Costs of the social media platform are relatively low;
  • Little competition;
  • Displays products and services visually to individuals who are searching;
  • Super targeted advertising based on interests and keywords;
  • Remarketing is possible;
  • Visible to customers in the first phase of the customer journey;
  • Increase engagement with your target audience by inspiring;
  • Generate more visitors and more conversions;
  • Choice of CPC (cost per click) and CPM payment models.

What can Pinterest Ads do for your business?

When you start advertising on Pinterest you have a number of goals to choose from, such as: 

  • Awareness: This will increase your reach and create brand or product awareness. 
  • Consideration: Attract more visitors to your content on or off Pinterest.
  • Conversions: Encourage actions such as online sales, sign-ups or subscriptions.
  • Offline Sales: Stimulate in-store sales.

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A few facts from recent research:

  • About 92% of consumers say that images are important when choosing a product to buy
  • About 65% of users say Pinterest gives them ideas about what to buy
  • 1 in 3 of users will make a purchase after seeing branded content on Pinterest
  • 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion than on other social media channels
  • 2x higher return on ad spend for retail brands.

Source: Pinterest 

Do you want to start advertising on Pinterest? 

A few tips are indispensable such as: 

  • Use a business Pinterest account
  • Claim your website on Pinterest
  • Implement the Pinterest and conversion tag
  • Set up the right conversions. Conversions can vary in clicks on an email address, product added to shopping cart etc. 
  • Search (search bar), lead, checkout (checkout - payment), add to chart (add to shopping cart), watch a video, sign up newsletter or other homemade conversion tags. 
  • Create good content (images/video) 
  • Set campaign goals
  • Create ad groups
  • Adding the right keywords

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Ready to advertise on pinterest?

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