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We can't live without it these days, everywhere we look we run in­to it. On social media, at the train station or while we are hanging on our couch watching YouTube videos It's impossible to imagine our lives without videos. It is an important form of media that is constantly in development and is very popular among the younger target group. But it's not just the younger target group that is totally enthusiastic about it; more and more companies are taking advantage of their opportunities within the video world. And as the saying goes: a picture says more than a thousand words. In addition, a video marketing campaign remains in the viewer's mind longer than other forms of content, and research has shown that the return on investment (ROI) is higher for video. So, what are we waiting for? Let's make some stunning videos!

Reasons for using video marketing

Video marketing is an effective communication tool and for many companies it is impossible to imagine an online marketing strategy without it. Despite the fact that the return on investment of video is very high, it is unfortunately not the most advantageous media tool. But whether it concerns small-scale video content on a website or a video commercial on YouTube, it both benefits many viewers and often remains in the viewer's mind longer than a still image or text. Video is therefore the ideal way to, for example, give a look behind the scenes at your company or to highlight a product or vacancy. Furthermore, a video can also serve as storytelling for your company. What do you want to be associated with as a brand, and how do you get this across to your target group? Many leading companies such as Red Bull and Nike are already responding well to this by using different experiences or emotions in their videos.

Tips for making a corporate video

The key factors for a successful video are that you show as much relevant information as possible in a relatively short period of time. So, make sure the video is short but powerful. A one to three-minute video can often be long enough to show the story behind your company.

Furthermore, the video must be touching and often involve a lot of emotions. Emotions will appeal to the viewer and will therefore lead to more involvement. A good video responds to humor, action or recognition. In addition, it is good to keep in mind what goal you want to achieve with your video, who the t­­­­arget group is, and in which industry the company is located. For a restaurant, nursery or retailer it will be more obvious to have a video made than for a judicial office. It is also important that a planning is made in advance. Keep in mind what is feasible for your company with regard to the available time and budget.

Our collaborations

The making of great corporate videos is what we were born to do. We find it a very exciting way to support companies in promoting their brand and work. We are proud of the video projects we have realized so far and are happy to show you our creations!

- Company video of The Dare Company

- Video of Vlietkinderen 

Are you convinced of the importance of video marketing for your brand or do you want more information about what The Dare Company can do for your company? Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee, contact us or read more about our video service!

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