Corporate Social Responsibility

People Planet Profit

Corporate Social Responsibility is something we highly value. We operate using the People Planet Profit principle. This principle is built on three elements that should be combined in harmony: people, the environment and the profits.


We select talented employees. Because of our integral way of working we believe we should have a strong and complimenting team.

In the current economy, it can be hard for graduates to find a job. At the same time it can be difficult for companies to find motivated, young employees. To tackle both of these challenges, the Startersbeurs is created. The Startersbeurs gives young people the opportunity to gain work-experience and develop the right competences. For the employer, a realistic and valuable investment is created.

Next to that we give guidance to interns at every unit. Taking their experience in regards, we treat our interns as worthy team members. It happens regularly that interns come back to The Dare Company for a second internship. We are proud that we call some of them employees now.

For our employees we organise trips regularly. Next to that we transform our office into a completely different space every Friday afternoon. We change the colours of our lamps, the DJ set is turned on and the frontdoor is opened.


The Dare Company operates as green as possible. We drive an electrical car and make use of solar panels. The electricity that we use is all green. Our office is a very light building because of the amount of windows but on the darker days we use CFL and LED lamps. For our prints we use FSC-paper as much as possible. For the same reason we provide our customers with the corporate identity designs in a Word document too, so they can use that and don’t need to print at all.


Of course many companies wouldn’t survive without making profits. This element of People Planet Profit however, is what you do with these profits. Therefore we support multiple charities.

Breath for Kids

We sponsor the charity Breath for Kids with marketing, designs and their website. This charity’s mission is tob etter the situation of vulnerable children.

Dutch CAA Foundation

CAA is a brain disease. Dutch CAA Foundation aims to create more awareness about it and to raise money for research.

Stichting Hartekind

This foundation aims to finance the research that should enlarge the chances to survive heart diseases in kids. We support this foundation by taking care of SEO and SEA for them.

Mother & Child Foundation

This beautiful foundation supports the population of Bangladesh.