Dare loves BABOR: Franchise marketing collaboration BABOR & The Dare Company

As a specialist in developing websites, webshops, and in creating creative online marketing campaigns, The Dare Company provides franchise marketing services to BABOR partners in the Benelux. Just like the beauty specialists at the BABOR Institutes, we do this with care and an eye for detail. The various marketing services for franchised entrepreneurs include the development of websites and webshops, the establishment of online marketing campaigns (SEA and Social Media) and support with the development of content for social media. Through our close cooperation, we have developed a service that seamlessly connects with the BABOR Institutes. Through a self-designed and developed service system, franchise companies can easily apply for specific marketing services. Also looking for a franchise marketing partner who can take care of your marketing needs? Then contact us for specific marketing advice for your company.


Since 1956, BABOR has been a pioneer in the field of professional skin care made in Germany. BABOR is a scientific institute for innovative skin care and for maintaining beauty. They are known worldwide for their excellence in products and treatment results.

What do we offer?

More clients

More brand awareness

More sales

Expanding the clientele through smart online marketing aimed at the target group.

Become known in the region with social media and Google marketing.

Getting more leads and sales with a new website and online marketing campaigns

How do we do this?

The beauty institutes of Babor are aware of the power of online findability and a user-friendly website or webshop. With one click on the button they want to be found by (potential) customers to schedule an appointment or to contact them for advice from Babor beauticians. When the protential customer is in the neighborhood of a franchise company of BABOR and uses Google Search to find beauty specialists in the neighborhood, it is important that the BABOR Institute is on top of the list. The self-developed Dare BABOR service system offers the BABOR institutes the opportunity to quickly order various franchise marketing campaigns in the style of BABOR. Whether it is to be found in Google or a social media campaign, we provide competitively priced online marketing campaigns in the corporate identity of BABOR.

Our expertise

Our marketing services

The BABOR institutes can purchase various marketing services from The Dare Company. Through the service system an order can be placed and can be executed quickly and efficiently. Below you can find the various marketing services that are purchased from us:

Web development

Google optimization

Social Media

Content marketing

Marketing training


Video marketing

Are you also looking for a franchise marketing partner?

Have you become interested in and do you want more information about what a franchise marketing collaboration could look like for your company? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities while enjoying a cup of coffee.