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Advertising on Facebook

So you want to start advertising on Facebook, but how do you actually do that? Every day you see dozens of advertisements for different brands, products and services on Facebook that were once conceived and set up by a marketer.

Reaching Your Audience on Facebook

When you pay for advertisement on Facebook, you want the right people to get your ad. A "good" ad appeals to the right target group and convinces them to take an action. This can be requesting more information, purchasing a product or service or simply leaving his or her details. In the Facebook Ads Manager you can create a specific target group to which you show your ads. If you fall outside this target group, you will not see the ad.

Create a target audience on Facebook

It is no longer okay to think; Well, social media engagement will come sooner or later. Nowadays, using social media marketing through the right channels is essential. It is therefore important to ensure that your marketing efforts are a means to an end and not an end in itself.

Target Audience

A target audience on Facebook is a group of people you want to reach with your ads. The people in this group all have the same characteristics. For example, these properties can be selected on: - Location - Age - Sex - Education - Interests - Language Various properties can also be excluded. For example, you can create an advertisement for a “Jazz Concert” which is only shown to women between 30-50 years old from South Holland who are NOT interested in “Heavy Metal” and “Rock Music”. The more attention you pay to refining your target audience, the better the ads will match your target audience (you will also avoid noise).

Creating a Facebook ad

If you want to advertise on Facebook, it is necessary that you first know which different forms of advertising are possible on Facebook. The advertising options on Facebook consist of: “Overview”, “Stories”, “In-stream”, “Search”, “Chat messages”, “Instant article” and “Apps”. Furthermore, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network also fall under Facebook. These platforms can also be managed via the Facebook Business Manager.

What does a Facebook campaign consist of

In short, you can divide a Facebook campaign into three parts: your Budget, the Target Audience and your Advertising material.

You determine the budget yourself. You can set a maximum budget per day or a budget for the entire duration of your campaign. The price per click or per impression depends on the competition. When more people target the same target group, the price will unfortunately increase per click. This means you get more or fewer clicks on your ad with the same budget.

The Audience is probably the most important part of your ad. Make sure the right people see your ad. Remember that we pay per click, so you don't want people clicking on your ad who probably aren't interested in the first place.

Finally, the Advertising Material. This is what your target audience will see. It should clearly convey your product or service in the image as the description/header below. Make sure that the landing page behind the ad actually matches your ad text. Don't promise anything you can't deliver, but do encourage the target audience to click.

Advertising on social media

Do you want to achieve quick results through your social media channels? That is also possible! We have extensive experience with social media advertising. We will set up a campaign based on your marketing (communication) objectives. We then target the desired audience and ensure that the message is shown to potential fans. We have extensive experience with social media advertising. As a result, over the years we have already carried out several successful campaigns on advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Advertise on Facebook

If you want to place Ads on Facebook you have to start by creating a business page. We recommend putting it in the same house style as your company. This allows customers to quickly recognize that it is your company.

The created company page must then be linked to an advertising account. You do this in the Facebook Business Manager. Now you are ready to create your first ad. But of course an advertisement only works properly when it is optimized and connects to your target group.
Is all this still a bit unclear and would you like to get help with this? The Dare Company is happy to help you, click here for more information or call us!

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