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Looking for an event agency in Rotterdam to organise your event?

 Do you want to organise an event in Rotterdam and are you looking for an event agency?  The Dare Company has experience with all facets that are important for organizing a successful event. An event that both fits the target group and the goals you want to achieve.

Event marketing

The Dare Company knows best that it is important to market an event. To apply event marketing in the right way and a brand experience will be created. This starts with enthusiastic visitors which come to your event. A positive experience for the visitor is important. In other words: event marketing ensures that visitors of the event will experience your brand values. Therefor we first start with getting to know the brand and the target group that goes with it. What is the strategy behind the event? What is your vision? How do you compare to your competitors? And what do you want to achieve with this event? A branding strategy requires a different way of communication than a relationship marketing strategy.



Event marketing by event agency in Rotterdam 

There are different reasons why you could organise an event, for example: The company you work for exists a certain amount of time and you want to celebrate it, you want to pay extra attention to existing customers or apply relationship marketing to prospects, you want to pay extra attention to your employees, you want to launch a new product in a fun way, and many more. Enough reasons to organise an event. We can help you organize an event in multiple ways, we can do the branding for example, or we can help you be sure that visitors are able to find the event online and we can even organise the whole event from start to end. 

Planning an event starts with an idea, a location and a budget. The rest will follow ... It is important to have a clear view of the message you want to convey during the event. How do you see the branding of the event? How do you invite visitors? There is a lot to think about and to organise. Have you thought about the arrival of the visitors and possible accommodation options? 

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing and the Dare Company are one. We understand like no other how important the relationships with customers are. You want to have a good relationship with your customers. A good relationship starts with a proper service. But giving extra attention to your customers is also important. Therefore, a relationship event is a good idea. The Dare Company has everything to make your relationship event a great success.  

Event invitations

Organising an event also includes inviting your visitors.  Nowadays a lot happens online and that is why an online invitation could be essential. Especially with a big number of visitors. With this online invitation you can also create a website which makes the online invitation already an experience for your visitor. Do you want to know more about our invitation system? Check here the website:

Let The Dare Company organise your event

The Dare Company has everything to make your event successful. From organising the whole event to event marketing, from arranging acts and speakers to planning and logistics.

A cup of coffee?

Would you like to have more information or would you like to talk about organising an event over a cup of coffee? Please contact us.

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