Video Marketing

Professional appearance through powerful images

Video marketing can't be left out of your marketing policy, because video is an important tool to bind customers.

Video marketing by The Dare Company

Video markerketing is more important than ever. It is used more and more as marketingtool for websites and social media. Websites can get a more professional appearance with the use of videos in it. As renowned company, you can't stick behind. You don't have the tools and knowledge to create a video on your own? The Dare Company is ready to help you. We have video/animation specialists in-house whom will determine a strategy and execute the actions that has to be taken.

Employee video made by The Dare Company

Making a company movie

A creative movie can create a positive company image. With this video, you won't only promote your company, but you give your stakeholders a peak behind the screens. This transparent behavior leaves a feeling of trust at your customers.  Also, the video and possible backing track will create a better brand experience. A video can also be used to show testimonials. It's highly likely that new customers are more interested in what other customers have to say about your company and/or products than a sales video. Videos are more and more used to explain the products and the service process. We can realise all these kind of videos for your company too.

We possess all the professional tools and knowledge to create the right promovideo for your company. We are responding to the upcomes trends concerning video techniques like Virtual Reality. We have 360° cameras which can be used to give a perfect impression of the place you want to be recorded. This camera can also be used for a Virtual Reality experience. We have professional photographers/videographers and we can take interviews. In this way, we can execute the whole process from script till production.


SEO and videomarketing 

Of course your video has to be found easily on Google or Youtube. Besides video marketing, we are experts in the field of youtube marketing. 

We have SEO-experts whom can optimize the SEO guidelines of your video. Using this technique, your video will be found better in an organic way. We have multiple social media experts with experience in video advertisements. They will take care of the paid promotion and publication of your video on Facebook and Youtube. This will end up in a faster result of your video.

Do you want to do more with video, but you don't have a clue where to start? The Dare Company loves to work with you. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities!