Corporate identity and logo design

Recognizability with a professional look

In order to make your brand recognisable, it is important to repeat certain elements. These can, for example, be colours, the logo or certain words. By using this, you build recognition, or put differently: the visual identity of your brand. This is implemented by designing a corporate identity.

Corporate identity

The corporate identity needs to match your business and logo. It is important that all aspects of your company project the same and are appealing to your target group. During the process of designing your corporate identity, we take your (current) logo into account. We would like to hear from you about your ideas and vision and give you advice on which colours you could use. It is ultimately your vision and mission that needs to be carried out by the logo and reach your target audience. We realise this with a professional look.

Corporate identity applications

The corporate identity of a company is a very broad term. It is the visual identity of a company or brand. This identity be used in all marketing messages of that brand to create an uniform image. People will immediately recognise what brand the message is from. We can, for example, use your visual corporate identity on:

  • Business cards
  • Writing paper and envelopes
  • Offers and invoices
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Clothing
  • Cars

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Have your logo made by us

We are happy to design the logo of your company. This can also be, for example, only a renewed version of the current logo. We ensure that the logo matches the image of your company and that it is appealing to your target group.

Our graphic designers pay attention to the importance of the marketing-technical aspects of a logo, because it must naturally represent your company professionally. Is it playful or super tight? Colorful or black and white? With or without text? In this entire process, we take the wishes of you as a customer as a starting point.

We design a logo that fits your company and the products and / or services that your company offers.

Importance of a logo

A logo can be the final push that a client needs in order to hire you or not. If someone sees two websites, and one has a more professional logo than the other, there is a big chance that he or she choses for the better looking one. A logo should create trust, radiate an identity and look professional.

Give your brand image a boost and invest in a great logo.

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