Recognition through uniform expressions


Brands put a lot of effort in positioning themselves in the best way possible. An important aspect in this process is branding. Branding is the art of appointing and repeating the brand. This aspect of marketing does not focus on encouraging the audience to perform a specific act but focusses on creating brand value and support all other marketing activities. In the broadest sense of the word, branding can be defined as assemblage of all activities and contact moments with your target audience. After all, every form of interaction with your (potential) clients determine the brand perception. And therefor, the experience of products and services in itself determines the feeling that is evoked by a product or brand.  

How to put this is practise? How do you translate your message and vision into concrete expressions? How do you describe and repeat your brand successfully? There are multiple ways to tackle this.

To name an example, you could think of making your brand name and logo visible. Designing posters, your expressions on social media, or the development of a banner. Branding is intended to communicate your company or brand in a valuable way and to create a strong image, all in line with your corporate identity.

We approach recognition as the most valuable asset of branding. Uniform expressions with a consistent appearance. Branding is the key aspect of the work of our designers’ due to the fact that it is expressed throughout all activities, expressions and contact of our clients.

As soon as a brand is recognized without seeing the logo and uniformity is experienced throughout all communication, the branding strategy can be seen as successful.

Branding in line with your corporate identity

The first thing that comes to mind is a company logo. A logo is obviously very important for branding. The logo can be used in all expressions such as advertisements, printed on pens or clothing, and used on the entire website. We are more than happy to design a logo for your company.

Next to designing a logo, the entire corporate identity is of great importance. We make sure that the corporate identity fits your brand values, the target audience and off course the logo. This includes the design of the website, of flyers and other printed materials, email signatures or working clothing. Read more information about designing a corporate identity.

Branding is a vital element in your marketing activities and we can realize optimal recognition by designing expressions that fits your brand and company!