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Google Reviews | How do I get stars in Google?

Shooting for the stars ... Not literally of course, we're not astronauts. But those yellow-gold stars from Google Reviews in the search engine results, that's what we're aiming for! You have probably already seen them passing by when Googling: under the URL you will see five stars that show the average rating of the company you're searching. You may not be aware of it, but these stars are trying to get your attention. And with success, because in general people will click on a search result with a good ranking in golden stars underneath, instead of a SERP result without stars.

The relevance of Google reviews in the search results

But why are these stars so important? Well, as we just mentioned, people rather click on a search result with a rating in stars than one without a rating. A good rating immediately gives people an idea about a company. The star rating can therefore provide confidence, provided that the ranking is high and that sufficient reviews have been posted. If a review of five stars has only been placed once, that rating is of course not so representative, right?

In addition to the trustworthiness that the gold-colored friends have in the search results, they offer even more advantages for a company. Yes, you've heard that right, even more bonuses! When people click on the relevant search result more often, the click-through ratio increases. The what? The click-through ratio, yes. This is the percentage of number of clicks on your website compared to other websites on that particular keyword. In other words, because more click on your website URL in the search results, Google will think that your website is more relevant than other websites on that particular keyword. And that is what you want, because ultimately your website will end up higher in the search results.

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How do I get stars in Google searchresults?

Now that you know why the stars of the Google Reviews are so important, you are probably wondering how you can get stars in the search results. First of all it is important to know that there are two different types of stars. One of them is rich snippets and the other is the Google Seller Rating. The first are shown in the organic search results and are therefore free. The Google Seller Rating is displayed with paid results, so the Google Ads and Google Shopping.

To get the Google stars, it is of course important that you collect reviews. This is possible with review sites such as TrustPilotKiyoh and The Feedback Company.To make the stars visible in the organic search results to get a rich snippet, pieces of code must be added to the website. These pieces of code add structure and are therefore also referred to as "structured data". This allows Google to easily find information on a website, such as products, prices, company information and of course review stars.

The Google Seller Rating has more requirements. First of all, ads must be placed via Google Ads or Google Shopping. You must also have collected a lot of unique reviews in the past year: 100 reviews is a minimum. Furthermore, it is also important that the reviews have not been obtained in the last 4 weeks, otherwise Google will probably not index them. Your average rating must also be more than 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Of course there are even more things that come with adding Google Review stars. We would be happy to tell you more about that! We can also ensure that your website is provided with structured data, so that everyone can see how well your company is doing.

Do we got your attention? Good, because you can contact us here for all your questions or to request an appointment to discuss your options. We hope to see you soon!

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